Body Firming Wrap

This Mega Wrap Home Treamtent is amazing for many different things including cellulite, skin smoothing, inch loss but mainly it is the best skin firmer on the market! The combination of proven sea clays, herbs and other ingredients give skin an instant makeover.

Where To Use It To Tighten Skin?

This amazing home wrap can be used anywhere on the external body. Customer use it to tighten and firm skin on the legs, knees, elbows, hips, stomach, arms, back of arms, chin, chest ( a great breast skin firming treatment).

How Does It Work?

The sea clays and rhassoul clay are proven to visibly tighten skin over 10% with the very first use. Creams and lotions that are made to firm the skin have a longer term effect on skin tightening – but the clays and muds along with very specific herbs can do a much better job in just one use and you get better results with each use.

How To Use It

This is a complete kit. Simply apply the mixture. Then you will add the wrapping bandages to that area, wait about 30 minutes to 45 minutes and remove! It is a spa treatment that you would normally pay over $100 for. Now you can do at home without any interruptions for less than $25 per treatment (multiple treatments per kit).

Body MakeOver for Fast Results

We guarantee fast results. And yes these results are lasting. Simpy do as instructed and your skin will resond. But you will also get other benefits. You skin will be come much smoother, visible less wrinkles, cellulite visibly reduced and the best benefit is inch loss.

It Works and we guarantee it!

Order Now Smaller Kit  $37.95


Order Now Larger kit $49.95.

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