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Loose Stomach Skin happens to over 85% of people that lose weight and to over 90% of women after their pregnancy! However, it can happen to anybody including those that had weight gain or even muscle gain. So how do you tighten up skin on your tummy?

What Products Work Best To Tighten and Firm Loose Belly Skin

Most people don’t realize that the skin on your belly is not any different that the skin on your face. Howver, the skin on the belly has much more fat underneath the skin. This fat can cause the skin to stretch out and ultimately become loose. Pregnancy of course can do this as well. But the real question is what can you do to tighten sagging belly skin and can you prevent it in the first place!

The absolute products that we have found to tighten skin on the stomach are rhassoul clay when mixed with specific herbs and even other clays, and a Body Firming Cream that replenishes ingredients that stimlulate production of the longer collagen fiber.



How To Tighten Loose Belly Skin With Collagen

Remember that collagen that is added to the skin helps but it is the collagen that the body produces that is much more effective than topical collagen. Here are the ingredients that help the body to produce collagen. Hyaluronic acid, omega 3s, matrixyl peptides and stimulating herbs. These ingredients do an amazing job of producing the longer collagen fiber. This makes the skin elastic again – very important! You will see visible results.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

When you use the clay body mask then you will see results almost immediately. After several uses the results will become more visible. The Body Wrap Mask is the best short term, immediate solution while the Skin Firming Lotion is what helps the body to stimulate production of the Collagen 2 fiber! This is a more long term solution (30 to 60 days). We strongly sugest using them together!


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